Austin Wheelwright

Full Stack Developer

Experienced Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Full Stack Website Development, Linux System Administration, and Bash.


HTML/Css | CSS Preprocessing | JavaScript/Jquery | Responsive Design | Version Control/Git | Browser Developer Tools | SSH/Command Line | Linux Server Administration | Domain Management | SSL Certification

Free Code Camp

Online coding Camp

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Assisted Customers with FTP, Email, DNS, SSL Certificates, WordPress, Vps, and Dedicated Servers

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A repository of code from projects completed while at DevMountain

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Assist in maintaining customers websites, DNS Settings, billing, and front end development - html/css, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services

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Utah USA Futsal League

HTML/CSS | Wordpress | Stripe | PayPall

Wordpress application built to streamline signup, payments, and management of teams for the Utah USA Futsal League.

Currently Under Construction.

Project for Neighbor

HTML/CSS | Wordpress | Stripe | PayPal

Wordpress application built to streamline payments and management of my neighbors business and products

Currently Under Construction.


AmidstTheMountains | Personal Project

React | Redux | Rest API | ES6 | Node | PostgreSQL | Auth0 | Stripe

Person React Application Project completed while at DevMountain. Photographs included on the website were captured by me.

RooMinder | Group

React | Node | 4 Google Apis | Flight Stats Api | PostgreSQL | Auth0 | Twilio | Nodemailer

This site is designed to allow users to enter in a flight number, date, and location, and it will give them the directions to the airport and notifications on when to leave